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Jeannine B. Esq.  - MSBN#6588

Estate Planning - Immigration -  Real Estate

Pierre SJ - MSBN#3088

Real Estate | Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts | Probate | Contracts

Suzanne D - MSBN#7072

Real Estate | Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts | Probate | Contracts

Phillip B. - MSBN#6981

Real Estate | Estate Planning/Wills & Trusts | Probate | Contracts

Juan D. Esq.  - MSBN#9337

Criminal, Immigration, and Civil Matters

including Family Law and Contracts

Michael P. Esq.  - MSBN#8765

Real Estate | Wealth Transfer

Stacey M. Esq.  - MSBN#4998

Bankruptcy | Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts) | Probate

Gary S. Esq.  - MSBN#2400

Personal Injury, Car Accidents, Slip and Falls, Truck Accidents, Wills, Quitclaim Deeds, Wrongful Death cases, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Criminal Cases, Probate, Shooting Death Cases, Security Cases at Shopping Centers, Mall, Stores and Gas Stations ,Lobbying For Corporate Clients, Consultants to Corporate Clients


Marie Elsie L. (Realtor).  - MSBN#6098

Brooklyn, NY | Queen, NY | Long Island, NY

Maya S. (Realtor).  - MSBN#9897

Brooklyn, NY | Queen, NY | Long Island, NY

Rick C. (Realtor).  - MSBN#0100

Orlando, FL | Other  Prime Parts of Florida

Ahmed A. (Realtor).  - MSBN#4584

Chicago, IL| Other  Prime Parts of Illinois


Joel P. (Medical Doctor).  - MSBN#6098

Florida (Specifically Central and SWL)

Dale N. (Medical Doctor).  - MSBN#7682

Central Florida

Robert S. (Medical Doctor).  - MSBN#5815

New York (Long Island)

Sumeet S. (Medical Doctor).  - MSBN#5797




We Welcome Reciprocal Referral Agreements

ABA Model Rule 7.2(b)(4) permits a lawyer to make a RECIPROCAL REFERRAL AGREEMENT with ANOTHER LAWYER  or with a NON-LAWYER PROFESSIONAL “IF”: (i) The agreement is NOT EXCLUSIVE; and (ii) the Referred Person is told about the Agreement; and (iii) the Agreement is NOT of INDEFINITE DURATION. See Comment 8


The Agreement does not have to be in writing.

This is one of the EXCEPTIONS to the GENERAL KICK-BACK RULE that a lawyer (or realtor) must not give something of value for a REFERRAL.

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